Unique In Educating.

    Every teacher faces a problem in students while making them to learn due to lack of prerequisites . But there is no proper mechanism to diagnose this prerequisite gap as well to fill the gaps.
    At higher stages of learning due to heavy syllabus schedules teacher is unable to follow this mechanism. And also due to lack of prerequisites in the students, the proper learning process cannot occur in classroom. This leads to production of certificates, but not creative or knowledge brains.
    This deficiency in learning makes the student to suffer throughout their life.
    If a system can rectify this problem, then we can create a learning environment, in which the student can learn and able to apply learned things at higher levels.
    Our Programme tool can give the solution for above problem successfully.

    About the programme tool

    The main objective of the tools is providing a suitable learning hierarchy for child as per his level.
    The main obstacle of learning a topic is lack of prerequisites and method of learning that topic. These are rectified by the programme.

    Different steps in programme are

    Step 1: Assessing the student through a psychometric test (or) counselling to estimate abilities of the student.
    Step 2: According to the abilities of students a customized lesson plan is prepared which makes the student to fill learning gaps with the prerequisites through audio visual tools and assignments.
    Step 3:Class room learning programme makes the student to learn the prescribed topic.
    Step 4: Student gets practice through assignments/work sheets at basic, analytical and advanced levels.
    Step 5: Test and evaluation.
    For learning in classroom, audio-visuals are the part of the programme which is designed as per KUCAS format, which is an acceptable learning sequence.
    K- Knowledge
    U- Understanding
    C- Concept
    A- Application
    S- Skill
    What we do at school/LANCs
    1. Students are assessed first to know their abilities and standards through a workshop.
    2. According to abilities of students a customized programme (or) Schedule is designed with programme tool as mentioned above.
    3. With the guidance of an HD team member learning process will be carried out.
    4. A regular evaluation about learning of children takes care by team.
    5. According to learning phases of the children the programme may change time to time.
    6. Team helps the children to attain self-learning capacity through programme.