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We can assess why they can't learn......and we have the solution that help them learn.

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Best Learning Process Ever


We help the children learn better by providing learning pre requisites and thus enable them to take up advanced challenges.

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Creating new system of learing environments


Our search make learning better and more rational.

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Learn Your Self

Programmes are designed to develop the learning ability to learn your self

FACE Challenges

Foundation to attempt IIT-JEE/MEDICAL/Any competitive exams      

Best Acadamic Support

Professional Class room programmes and Support at Local Area Network Centers(LANC)

About Us

HD Edu tools a group of passionate teachers and is a pioneer research institute in education and conducting various academic programmes in schools and colleges. We developed various learning tools and advanced contents in the field of foundation courses for schools and colleges to enhance the abilities of the students for competitive levels. The main objective of the team is to empower schools and colleges with suitable learning tools and methods. The tools and methods help the children to attain self learning. The tools and systems strengthen teacher ' s education power and help them enhance their teaching standards. The team is supported and guided by a panel of reputed academicians from all over the country. HD Edu tools is established in 2012 and for past 4 years conducted programmes in various schools and colleges and reported an remarkable changes among the students in learning. The programme tools designed by HD Edu tools is implemented among 4000 students and observed the changes in their learning habits


Foundation Courses

IIT-JEE/Medical Foundation courses at school level 6th to 10th std.

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Integrated Curriculum

The Content is suitable for CBSE/ICSE/Any State Board Syllabus and it is prepared as an integrated syllabus from all curriculums

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Online Learning

It is self-learning programme which is customized as per the level of the students, which make them to learn basic level to advance level individually

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Filling Learning Gaps

Students are assessed for their learning gaps these are filled with proper process

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Audio Visuals

Our subject experts designed audio visuals, which can strengthen KUCAS strength of student

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Practice Matearials

Hand full practice assignment and tests at basics analytical and advanced levels to meet any high level competitive exams

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Our Team

An Exemplary Group of passionate teachers with great experience and expertise, supported and guided by a panel of reputed academicians from all over the Country

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Prof. G. Yellaiah

Guide for HD team

Who always streamlines the team in right path. He led Head and Director positions at various universities and research centres in India. He guided several students for Ph.D.He worked for Activity Based leaning in science.

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Academic Dean

He is retired DIET lecturer. He trained so many teachers and students to excel in their teaching career and a man of innovative methodology in teaching. He designed so many interactive learning models for teaching Mathematics.

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Mrs. Bhavani Dasari

Academic Team Head

Designer of creative and innovative methods in maths teaching. She expertise in preparation of learning models as per the abilities of the students. She trained several students for competitive exams like IIT, CAT, CIVILs in the areas of Mathematics, Reasoning and Aptitude and succeeded to produce good result.

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Prof. Naga Srinivas M.P.

Founder and Concept Head

He is a man with a strong vision of giving solutions to learning problems of students at any level. He has been in research related to various learning problems among the children and learning systems. He successfully solved the problems through adaptive learning methods which gives KUCAS ability through ILP.

Good Foundation programs with ILP which can enhance KUCAS strength of child.


Prof. P. Satheesh Kumar


The Tools designed by HD Team can support any educational system across the globe.



Head Dept of Mathematics,MANU,HYD.

Definitely these methods can enhance problem solving ability in Physics .



IIT ,Roorkee